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Many people do not know about the IP. But those people who use routers or modems, they need to know about the IP. Those users who uses D-Link, Netgear and Linksys routers use IP address Different manufacturer of router uses different types of IP address. It is not necessary that all of the routers need to use same IP address. Manufacturers setup IP address as default. Mainly, there are no difference with other IP address with the IP address Internet Protocol or IP address are the address. Those IP address should be unique if it is private IP address or the public IP address. Public IP address is setup on the website and private IP address is setup in the internet devices like Modem and router. The default IP address is setup by the manufacturer and manufacturers give you right to change the default IP address. When you change the default IP address, then you have to follow some rules. You should not change the default IP address until it becomes necessary. Many experts do not encourage users to change the default IP address. Because there are many problem occurs when you change the default IP address.
The IP address is the first key for access the router and modem. If you change the default IP to another IP address, then that new IP address will be the key. That IP address will be used on the browser for login. However, primarily the IP address is used as basic key. With the IP address, you need to use username and password. Usually, most of the routers use username and password “admin” as default. For getting confirm about the IP address and all login detail, you need read the manual of the router. There you will get everything clearly mentioned. You need to use the IP address on the address field of the browser and click on the Go button or hit the enter key from keyboard. Now you have to use login detail for login to the router and hit the enter button again. Now you can change the default IP address and setup all of the configuration. The configuration of the router for Wi-Fi is necessary of the router. You need to setup security and for troubleshooting the device, you need to login the router. However, if you face IP confliction error message, then you need to change the IP address. The IP address confliction errors from the same IP address. When multiple devices use same IP address like in modem and router, then the problem occurs. The only solution of this problem is changing the IP address.
If you are having IP confliction problem, then you need to change the IP address. You can keep the IP address on one device and change the IP address from rest of the devices which are connected with same network. You need to connect the router device which IP address you want to change with computer. Now you need to use a browser and use the IP address on the browser field, hit enter button. Now use username and password on the login form and login to the account. From the IP address area from the router control section, you need to change it. Make sure that you have changed the IP address under the IP class. The IP address is setup from Class C and when you put a new IP address, then you have to think about it. You cannot change the IP class. If you change front side of IP address, then IP class will be change. That is why, you change last two digits from the back side of the IP address You can change “1” digit and use any number from 0 to 255. Make sure that all of the devices are using unique IP address.
However, you can change the default IP address when you want to secure the router. If anyone wants to access your router control section and know default login detail, then you can change the IP address, username and password which are used for login the router. But you should keep the default IP address and you can change username and password. Now you will get same security like before.
When you want check the connectivity of the router of the modem, then you need to connect the device with computer. You should keep use the default IP address and use it for checking the connection with the router and the computer. You need to apply ping command to know the connectivity status. From the start menu, go to Run section. There type “CMD” on the run box and Command prompt will run. Now type the “Ping” command on the CMD window and hit on Enter key from keyboard. Now you can learn more the status of the router and connectivity. If the computer cannot connect with the router, then you will get “Unreached” message. If you get result “Timed out …” then the problem occurs from the internet connection. If you get message “Reply from …” then the router and internet connectivity are ok.
If your router default IP address does not work, then you can reset the router by the clicking the router reset button. But if you want to keep all setting safe, then you need not to reset the setting. Let’s try in different ways. You need to know the router connectivity by Ping command. If the router responds, then your device is working properly. Now go to” Local Area Connection” from control panel and then go Properties area.
Click on the “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click on “Properties” from the protocol. Now select “Use the following IP address are and put the IP address “”. Now click on Subnet mask. The Subnet mask will be filled auto and you do not need to do anything. The default getaway will be as same as the IP address “”. Now select DNS server from your ISP and click ok. Now close the Window. You can contact vendor or the customer care of the manufacturer for solution.
Now check the IP address and check its connectivity as well. If the IP address does not work like before then you have to reset the router. You should read the manual step by step before you do anything. Do not forget about the security of the router and Wi-Fi. You should secure the Wi-Fi connection. However, Keep the default settings in a note book. Those may need later.